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  1. metal 30738 Santa Clause/Storage Jar, Cookie Jar, 23 x 16 x 7 cm
    There isnt any season is as much decorated as for the winter. With the right jewellery brings you of warmth in your own four walls and design keep the looking forward to the ignited Large Safe. Our atmospheric winter designs Product Features beautiful snaps from the cold season. In this way the decoration of this year even more cosy. These special storage containers create space and order in 'end on' racking and will really stand out on your table. Thanks to the brilliant colors the popular motifs feature of the. The format is particularly suitable for storing small foods, such as tea bags, baking ingredients or spices. It fi ndet are easily carry lots of stuff in this swing. The large hinged lid is easy to open and close. Praktisc, several boxes can be easily stacked. The jars are made of stable and clean sheet. The closing the lid firmly, so that, even food such as tea, flour, sugar or cereal for a long time life. Now is said to be one the main, which suits which motif best in your kitchen.
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