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Mother’s Day: Gift Ideas & Shopping Guide

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Mother’s Day: Gift Ideas & Shopping Guide

Mother's Day

Mother’s day is that very special day that comes around each year when we reflect upon all the things they have done for us throughout the years. It is not only a time to be grateful, but it is also an excellent opportunity for us to show our appreciation of their efforts and to let them know just how important they are to each and every one of us. So for this day that is all about your mothers, we here at Become UK have compiled a very useful gift guide to help you make this day perfect and hopefully one that your mother will fondly remember for many years to come! You will find great gift ideas for all budgets, and for all ages whether you are just five years old (with a little help from Daddy, of course) to those you in your twenties, and up! We have great suggestions for sporty mums and trendy mums and all the mums in between! Here’s to wishing you a wonderful day celebrating with your mum!



Mother’s Day resources:


A Day consecrated to spoiling Mum

Mother's Day


Mum’s rarely have time to pamper themselves and Mother’s Day offers us a rare opportunity to take the initiative and indulge her with beauty products she’ll love. Make your mum feel great with beauty products that will make her feel years younger. Make up set and skin care gift set are a really practical and easy choice that she’ll definitely appreciate.

A great way for daughters to spend some quality time with their mums is a Home Spa Day. Mother’s Day activities are more exciting than just a gift, anyway. Why not convert your house into a day spa? Decorate your living room with flowers, choose nice music and light some candles. Then, you can give your mum different beauty treatments which can include a soft hand massage, a foot bath spa or a massage. If you want to massage her neck, use a soothing shiatsu massager. She will love it.

Does your mum enjoy wearing different fragrances? Consider buying her a Chanel perfume, specifically Chanel Allure which is quite the fad as of late. LaCoste perfume is also very appealing. LaCoste Touch of Pink is a popular fragrance encased in a beautifully designed glass bottle. Other fragrances to consider this Mother’s Day are Lancome’s Hypnose and the Burberry London Perfume.

Finally hair care products are often overlooked and can be particularly useful gifts. If your mum doesn’t already have a hair straightener and you think that she’d like one, Herstyler makes durable, quality straighteners that are easy to use. Hair straighteners and curlers are an essential item in a woman’s arsenal of products. The Babyliss Pro 230 is one of their most popular products so if you’re considering hair products, check that one out. If your mum prefers curled locks to straightened ones, Herstyler baby curls might be the better choice.


Gifts for Tech-Savvy Mothers

Mother's Day



Is your mother crazy for the latest electronics and always following the newest reports about the latest computers and laptops? Well then she falls into the category of tech-savvy mothers and just a bouquet of flowers will not do.

There are a lot of electronics that can be the perfect gift for your mother and that will show how much you appreciate her. If money is not an issue then why not getting her an Apple MacBook Pro Notebook? They are the perfect multimedia center for home or on the go and your mother will be able to work on it, use it for research, or the best, just for fun. In case your mother already owns a laptop why not giving her accessories for it? A Crumpler Laptop Bag comes in different designs such as a sleek neoprene sleeve, a fancy handbag or a sturdy shoulder bag. But a laptop bag is not only looks stylish, it is also very practical. It will make sure that your mother’s precious laptop won’t get any scratches or other damages.

Another very useful Mother’s Day gift is the Sennheiser Wireless Headphones. With those, your mother can step away from the laptop or stereo system and keep listening to her favourite music. They work in a radius of 100m, so imagine all the possibilities! Of course, those headphones are also great for watching movies or TV. If your mother is all about music then a Pink MP3 Player is probably not a bad idea. All the major electronics companies such as Apple, Samsung or Sony have at least one in their program and they will make the perfect accessory for your tech-savvy mother! Besides looking stylish your mother will be able to store thousands of songs and on some models even videos. Manufacturers like Apple even engrave a personal message on the MP3 Player so your mother will always remember cherish your sweet gift.

Talking about personalized gifts another great idea from the electronics department is the Digital Photo Frame. It looks like a normal photo frame but you don’t put a photograph in it but store your electronic pictures on it. Put the best pictures of you, your mother and the rest of the family on it. When your mother opens the present, all she has to do is to plug the digital frame in and enjoy the different possible slide shows.

So whatever electronic gift you decide on your tech-savvy mother will appreciate how well you know her!



Gifts for Sporty Mothers

Mother's Day


If your mother loves to be outdoor and is even more active than you are then you should probably get her a Mother’s Day present that she will love during her workout routine. A Magnetic Exercise Bike is perfect for indoor cycling and your mother workout while watching TV or reading a book. Today’s home models are lightweight and can be stored easily. So your home will easily find a spot to put it at home. If space is not a problem and your mother loves jogging then why not getting her a Nordictrack Treadmill? This machine comes with pre-programmed speed and incline modes depending on what kind of workout your mother feels like doing. She can focus on different goals such as weight loss, performance and wellness.

A third option for a home trainer is the Proform Treadmill Crosstrainer which will work on your mother’s whole body. It is a great workout, no matter if your mother is using every day or only a couple times a week. It has a sleek and stylish design and will enhance the whole home. The display shows all important things like time, distance, speed, calories or pulse. So nothing will stay undetected for your mother and she will have full control of her workout. Another great thing about this Crosstrainer is that it is very quiet so nobody at home will be disturbed.

Alternatively, if your mother doesn’t like to workout inside you should get her the right gear for the outside. Walking Boots for Ladies will make sure your mother stays on track when she goes hiking or biking with her new Carrera Ladies Mountain Bike. The great thing about those boots is that they are waterproof and easy to clean so they can be used for any fun outdoor adventure.

Very well with boots goes a new jacket. The North Face Triclimate is the perfect addition to your mother’s athletic wardrobe and will keep her dry and warm wherever she goes. It is available in a lot of different great colours, depending on what your mother favours. This jacket is very versatile and can be used in winter but also in mid-season. Another great one is the Nike ACG Jacket. The company understands to create fashionable and qualitative sports outfits. Your mother will agree with you on this choice and she will enjoy wearing the ACG jacket for her training in nature. With this entire new outfit you should take out your mother to a nice hike so she can test it. Surprise her with an organised tour or a list of exciting places to go to. Have a great outdoorsy Mother’s Day!


Gifts for Mums from all Ages

Mother's Day


Fit’s no surprise that children are the apples of their mother’s eyes. On Mother’s Day, usually the most meaningful gifts will be the ones they receive from their own children.

Everyone knows that it’s the thought that counts. The real question is: how much thought and care have you put into your Mother’s Day gift? If you’re a child or teen looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas or if you are a father or grandparent helping your children to create a present for mum, we’ve got loads of ideas to help you.

  • Gifts Ideas for Mum from Children under 5

    You can purchase a greeting card for her and write a special dedication from you and your baby. Purchasing a Mother’s Day Card online saves you time and money. You won’t have to go to the store and scan through cards to find the right one—you can search online and have one sent directly to her. Make her day and add flowers to the mix.

    If you want a more personal touch to your gift this year, consider writing her a poem. You can print and paste a picture of her and your baby, attach it to the poem, frame it and you instantly have a memorable gift. If you’re not much of a lyricist, search online for poem websites.

  • Gift Ideas for Mum from Children under 10

    There are a million different kinds of crafts you can create for your mum. The most important element when deciding what to make is if that craft will make her feel loved. Think about your mother. What do you admire most about her? What do you love most about her? When you decide on that you have a foundation on which to create the perfect gift for her. Next, decide what you’re good at. What does your mother admire about you? What are you particularly good at doing? Incorporate that talent into your craft. For example, if you’re good at drawing, draw something for her that expresses your love for her. If you’re good at music, play her a song dedicated solely for her. If you’re good at writing, write her a poem or a greeting that’ll warm her heart. Try to use your talents to express your appreciation and love for your mum in your own special and unique way.

  • Gift Ideas for Mum from Children under 15

    Pre-teens and teens who are into technology should consider using photos to create a lasting memory for their mothers on Mother’s Day. Make a scrapbook for your mother with all your favourite photos of you with your mother pasted in the pages. Or try making a collage for her. It’s as easy as plugging in your camera, uploading, and visiting one of many online photo centres that allow you to create collages for free. You can print it and place it in a beautiful photo frame. A slideshow is another great option. This site allows you to create a 30-second slideshow complete with music and poignant graphics.

  • Gift Ideas for Mum from Children 15 and up

    Teenagers and young adults have a little more weight on their shoulders in terms of what to get their mum, and a lot less time. The quickest thing around would be to buy something, but then again, you may not have much to burn. These gifts are cheap and will be highly appreciated:

    Instead of carrying all the photos of you and your siblings in her purse, she can put them all into a digital keyring photo frame and save herself some space. She can show everyone pictures of you and she won’t have to go rifling through her bag to find them. They’re inexpensive and are extremely portable.

    Scented candles are also a popular gift item that almost all mums appreciate. They smell great, can be used in any room, and are aesthetically pleasing so if you’re in a rush and have absolutely no idea what to get your mum, this is a safe bet.

    If quality time is what you think your mum desires, be sure to give that to her as well. Take her out to the movies, have a picnic, cook dinner, clean up the house—there’s really a million ways to say I love you on this day. Just make sure it gets said through actions, and not just words.



Mother’s Day Gifts on a Budget

Mother's Day


Giving the right gift all depends on your mum’s personality. Below we have popular gift items and ideas for Mother’s Day sorted by price.

  • Under 25£

    Often times not having much to spend on a gift allows us an opportunity to make a truly memorable gift. There are many, many things one can buy or create that will make your mum smile. If you have a digital camera, you can create a collage or photo book online. There are many websites that’ll allow you to make a photo book with pictures from a digital camera for a minimal fee. Even if you have nothing to spend, you can easily create a collage or a slide-show for free. Mother’s Day cards, flowers, poems, and crafts will all be effective ways of expressing your love for your mum. Small gifts like scented candles, a new book or tickets to the cinema are all great gifts. Perhaps the best gift, and the one she’d be most likely to appreciate, is spending quality time together. And a gift like time is truly priceless.

  • Under 50£

    What about a necklace? Beautiful pendant necklaces come in all shapes, sizes and prices and are very stylish. Mother’s necklaces, silver heart pendants, and personalized necklace pendants all come at varying prices and are a beautiful gift for a beautiful woman. It’s a simple, yet profound way of saying I love you.

    Cross-body bags is a new style of handbag that slings over one’s shoulder and across the body. If you think your mum would appreciate a stylish, sophisticated new bag, cross-body bags are a good bet. A good gift depends on the recipient. Your mum would appreciate a gift that she needs but might not buy for herself. If your mum is quite the homemaker, she’d probably appreciate a food processor because it can create delicious and healthy food and drinks that she can serve to the family. A cookware set is another great Mother’s Day gift that most mothers would like.

  • Under 100£

    There is a huge variety of gifts to give your mother that won’t break the bank. Black ladies boots are also an incredibly fashionable and essential article of clothing. Before buying boots for your mum or wife, you’ll obviously need to know her size but you’ll also need to know her preference. Does she prefer heels? Is she more comfortable in flat boots? If she’s out and about, walking everywhere, flat boots is the practical choice. If she’s a fashionista, boots with a heel, even if it’s just a bit might be the right choice. There’s a plethora of different types of black ladies boots, and it’s best to get an idea of what style of boot she may like. There are high heel boots and wedge heel boots, ankle boots — the range of choices can be bewildering. Ask yourself what you can see her wearing. A safe route when choosing boots is to go for an established brand name like Fly boots or Mukluk. Tried and true and trendy, these boots will serve the dual purpose of being stylish and comfortable. If you are thinking about getting her clothes this Mother’s Day, she’ll love long sleeve dresses or knit dresses which are all the rage this spring season. Sweater-style Jumper dresses are also hot this season because if it’s simplistic sophistication.

  • Over 100£

    If you’re planning on spending over 100£, you’ll want to get your money’s worth. Jewellery never loses its value. A pair of diamond stud earrings is always a woman’s best friend. They’ll last forever and she’ll be proud to wear your thoughtful gift for years to come. Of course, the ultimate Mother’s Day gift would be a white gold sapphire ring.

    It’s no secret that women love being fashionable. Mothers rarely have time to worry about how they look with all the things they have to tend to. Help her out and buy her something she’d love to wear. Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses are very fashionable and you don’t need know her size to know that it’ll look amazing on her.



Mother’s Day DIY Gift Ideas

Mother's Day


Homemade gifts are always special and they will put a smile on your mum’s face. It is often the thought and quality that counts and not necessarily quantity. We’ve gathered 8 ideas for how you can celebrate your mum on her special day.

  • Jar of Nothing

    When asking your mum what her wish is for Mother’s Day, the answer often is: ‘nothing’. Well, this time literally give your mum ‘nothing’. It is called a ‘Jar of Nothing’. Take an empty jar and stick a label on it that says ‘The Jar of Nothing.’ You can enjoy each other’s company and just be together doing ‘nothing’. This will take the pressure off of the day and the day will just develop on its own. A pair of ladies slippers will even enforce that you two are staying at home.

  • Homemade Coupons from the Heart

    Mothers love to get homemade gifts. A coupon book is not a new idea, but the coupons can be creative and new. You can create a coupon book with some of these ideas: go for a walk, prepare dinner, have a special tea time together, give her a massage, etc. Just think of something you two enjoy and used to do together.

  • Mother’s Day Special Breakfast in Bed

    I know that not everyone is so fortunate to be at home on Mother’s Day, but if you are at home, why not surprise your mum with a special Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. Brew some delicious coffee with a Delonghi coffee machine and bake her special bread with the practical Morphy Richards Bread Maker. I bet your mum is going to be very surprised and very grateful.

  • Best Mum Award

    The Best Mum Award is always a hit and kids can especially make this gift easily. With your Canon Ixus 95 IS, take a beautiful picture of your mum, print it, place it on the certificate and frame it. Voila! A great gesture, an award and a picture frame all in one.

  • Growing Love

    This is another cute way to show how much you love your mum. Buy a bag full of sunflowers seeds and plant them in a clay pot. You should do this a couple of weeks before Mother’s Day so that the little seeds are just breaking through the surface. On the special day, write a Mother’s Day card to tell your mum that your love for her is still growing greater every day.

  • Family Tree

    A family tree is a great idea. Not many families have one. Either, they don’t have one or it is just so old they are too afraid to open it. Why not create a new one? Try obtaining a picture from everyone in your immediate and extended family, draw or paint a tree and arrange the pictures according to relationship. Then laminate the page with an A3 laminator. This way you will be able to touch the tree and use it in the future.

  • Eco friendly cosmetics – lip balm

    What about an eco friendly cosmetic gift set Eco friendly cosmetics are very popular this year and they are very easy to make. Just get some bees’ wax (2 oz) from your local market, some coconut oil (1oz) and your favourite essential oils (5 drops). Heat up the oil and the wax so that they melt into each other. Add the essential oils and let it cool down. Choose a beautiful container and pour the liquid into the container. You just have to wait for it to harden and voila, your very own eco friendly lip balm.

  • Lemon Sachets

    Nice scents are always a nice idea. Your mum can use them in her wardrobe or in the kitchen and they are even better when they are homemade. What you need is 2 cups of lemon and orange peel which you then cut in bits and pieces and dry. Add in a few bruised caraway and coriander seeds and a few drops of lemon oil. Mix all these ingredients together and package it in a cute little bag and decorate it with a ribbon.