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Top Shoe and Boot Styles

Home > Resource Centre > Top Shoe and Boot Styles Top Shoe and Boot Styles Check out the latest fashion trends in shoes. Get inspired by footwear that people wear this season. Connect with us on Facebook to be informed about the newest styles and trends. Women’s Heels and Pumps Fashion is constantly changing and […]

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Top Shoe and Boot Styles

Check out the latest fashion trends in shoes. Get inspired by footwear that people wear this season. Connect with us on Facebook to be informed about the newest styles and trends.

Women’s Heels and Pumps

Fashion is constantly changing and so are the trends for shoe styles. Do you remember the iconic and sexy peep toe shoes from the 1950′s? Well they’re back with an incredible amount of attitude and attention grabbing style. With different shoe styles, textures and colours you can create an unlimited variety of looks with only a few pairs. Your options are almost limitless – grey tweed for day and shiny patent red for night, or try stacked or spiked heels to mix it up a bit.

You can also try wearing ballet flats if you know you’ll be walking a lot! Depending on your personal preference, pair them up with textured tights and you have a huge style statement that is a fresh take on an old classic. Plus, they can be a lot cheaper than heels and go with your wardrobe a lot more than you think; you can wear anything from jeans to short skirts and still look great.

If you aren’t interested in flats, then most people instantly think that by buying black pumps as they are ideal for both dressing up or dressing down. These shoes are great, but at times, there is a call for a little more. This is why you ought to own a pair of nude heels. The nude heels swiftly merge from one season to another since they offer a unique flattery, therefore a good quality shoe will last a lot longer. Whether it’s plaids, crocodile, zippers, lacing, patent, suede – there is truly a shoe for everyone. Take a pair out for a stroll; these are definitely not your grandmother’s shoe style anymore.

Slingback Peep Toe Slingback Peep Toe United Nude Ballet Flats United Nude Ballet Flats
United Nude Pumps United Nude Pumps John Lewis High Heels John Lewis High Heels

Women’s Summer Sandals

Sandals are great outdoor footwear for the summer. Sandals mean beach, sun, dresses and shorts. It also means feeling the sand between your toes, the sun on your feet and enjoying the summer even more. Sandals come in many different styles and there is a pair of sandals for every foot.

For the hiker, nice walking sandals that come with a functional design turn every hike into lots of fun. Gladiator sandals became a must have for the summer. They are bold and can be worn with jeans or dresses. They draw attention to the feet because the Roman inspired sandal often features rich leather upper straps that wrap the feet.

If you need height and dressier sandals for a dinner party but do not want to pass on comfort then platino wedge sandals are the right choice. These sandals are very light and easy to walk in. The wedge supports the heel and makes a long evening easier on your feet.

The summer heat could be tough on your feet. Many people’s feet swell and do not fit in their normal shoes anymore. The consequence is they struggle to enjoy the summer at all. A great alternative are wide fit sandals that give the feet extra space to relax. There are different styles and colours, so give your feet the right pair of sandals and have fun in the sun.

Gabor Sandals Gabor Sandals Ladies Walking Sandals Ladies Walking Sandals
Gladiator Sandals Gladiator Sandals Keen Comfort Sandals Keen Comfort Sandals
Hush Puppies Sandals Hush Puppies Sandals Platino Sandals Platino Sandals

Flip Flops

Thong sandals are also called flip flops because of the sound they make when walking in them. Many people think of romantic and fun summers when they hear flip flops. Every summer time and time again, Flip Flops are a hit – primarily for the light feeling around your feet as if you’re not wearing shoes at all. I love the time in spring when you go and have a look for your flip flops from last year and realise that they don’t fit at all with the colour schemes of this year! And then all the flip flops pop up in the shops and you feel summer is coming.

In recent years doctors have alerted us to the fact that it is not healthy to wear flip flops, but they’ll always be an important part of day and night summer fashion. Just make sure you don’t wear flip flops the entire summer! Give your feet a rest and also try these new strap shoes, Birkenstocks and other great summer sandals.

Havaianas are the ultimate beach flip flops. You basically can’t go to the beach and nto wear Havaianas. This Brazilian brand was able to revive the flip flop trend and entice people to wear them all over the world. Dune Sharliene sandals pick up on the fashion aspect of the shoes and they add leather and little sparkling diamonds. Reef flip flops are always amazing for the beach or a night out. Enjoy the summer with a pair of new and trendy flip flops, because there is no summer without flip flops.

Havaianas Flip Flops Havaianas Flip Flops   Reef Flip Flops   Reef flip flops
Fitflops Pietra Fitflops Pietra Birkenstock flip flops Birkenstock

Men’s Dress Shoes

Men’s shoes need to fulfill two things: they should look stylish and feel comfortable. Slip-Ons and dark loafers are usually the best match for that. Hush Puppies Leather Slip On shoes not only sound cozy, they are also formal leather shoes for the business man. Another great one is the Ben Sherman Loafer: They come in colours such as dark and light brown or black and are great for the office.

Do you prefer the Italian touch? No problem, then Collezione Loafers are the perfect fit for you and your sophisticated look. Their design pairs perfectly with high-quality leather. If you do a lot of driving or if you prefer wearing comfortable shoes, check out the Hand-Sewn Driving Shoes. This pair of shoes are as comfortable as indoor moccasins and as durable as outdoor shoes. One of the best sturdy shoes for men is a pair of Cat Footwear Boots: take them anywhere you want, either to work or for leisure – they will withstand anything and everything!

Hand-Sewn Loafer Hand-Sewn Loafer Hush Puppies Leather Slip On Hush Puppies Leather Slip On
Cat Footwear Boot Cat Footwear Boot Ben Sherman Loafer Ben Sherman Loafer
Collezione Loafers Collezione Loafers Cap Toe Oxford cap toe oxford

Men’s Summer Sandals

For men, choosing summer sandals can either be a daunting task or an incredibly repetitious annual purchase. Style, material, comfort and price are the main things to think about before making a decision. Men’s thong sandals are one of the most stylish options around. If you love the thong sandal style, choose thong sandals that fit perfectly and don’t easily move or slip off of your foot. The more snug the fit, the better. Thong sandals that slide off easily or don’t snugly hug your foot puts more stress on the heel of your foot and can cause painful injuries from wear and tear on your heel and ankle.

Consider how far you’ll be walking in your sandals. If you’re purchasing a pair just to wear at the beach or at a party, thong sandals are great. If you want a pair that you can wear all across town, they would not be the most comfortable choice. Instead, look for particular thong sandals that provide arch and ample heel support and ones that fit your feet snugly.

While thong sandals are the most popular style at the moment, men’s sandals with heel straps are much more preferable for your feet. Heel straps prevent the sandals from sliding off your foot which decreases stress on your heel. Furthermore, men’s sandals with heel straps tend to provide more arch and heel support in general. Within this style of men’s sandals, there are a wide variety of options to choose from.

For ultimate comfort and style, Rockport mens leather sandals are on the top of the list. Rockport is renowned for making high quality, durable footwear. Rockport sandals are no exception but they tend to be expensive. Men’s leather sandals provide much more comfort and durability than sandals made from other materials. The typical challenge with basic men’s sandals are that they tend to look a bit less stylish and are a little less casual and more difficult to put on than simple thong sandals. New Earth Sandals make highly affordable, stylish men’s sandals that are perfect for those who want the perfect mix of comfort and style this summer.

Teva Sandals Teva Sandals Merrell Chameleon Sandals Merrell Chameleon Sandals
Rockport Men Sandals Rockport Men Sandals New Earth Sandals New Earth Sandals


Boots are available in a large variety of styles and can be worn all year around. Whether you are wearing a dress or going for a casual look with jeans, bootleg boots are always a great fit. It is recommended to have at least one pair of brown flat boots and another pair of elegant black boots. In this case you always have a pair of boots to go with every casual style of clothing. Of course, there are a many more styles for people who are passionate about boots.

Trendy Converse boots and tall riding boots go very well with skinny jeans. Ugg Australia boots and Cowboy boots look great with summer dresses and short pants. Timberland Boots are fantastic casual shoes for men and good footwear for cold and rainy weather.

Some years ago the fashion of stylish rubber boots was started. Rubber boots are wonderful to wear when out with your kids, working in the garden or walking in the rain. Last but not least there are some classics such as hiking boots, which are mainly functional and for specific use. If you enjoy hiking and walking, comfortable hiking boots are a valuable investment. Talking about investment, consider buying real leather boots. They might be a little more expensive but last for a long time. After buying new boots, always waterproof them before wearing them. For durability, use shoetrees for pointy boots or boots out of thin leather to maintain their shape. Good luck and have fun shopping for boots!

Timberland Ladies Boots Timberland Ladies Boots Converse Boots Converse Boots
UGG Boots UGG Boots Pepe Jeans Boots Pepe Jeans Boots
Women Ankle Boots Women Ankle Boots New Rock Boots New Rock Boots

Casual Shoes

Nothing is more painful than uncomfortable shoes. In everyday life, however, elegant shoes are often required because of specific dress codes but it often takes a long time to break them in. After work, at home and during the weekend casual shoes are the most comfortable choice.

There is a huge variety of shoes that give your feet some relaxation and they can even be pretty stylish. Most casual shoes have are primarily comfortable, but can offer a unique chic look.For people on their feet all day, their shoes must offer support with cushioned insoles and extra width for the toes and ankles. Casual shoes also tend to be very light, so it relieves your feet nicely from your day-to-day travels.

At home, slippers are the best to put on after a long day at work. Especially when it is cold in the morning, comfortable slippers are the right footwear to start the day. There are slippers for every season and in every colour. For autumn and winter time it’s nice to have a pair of slippers that are padded. Warm feet are key to making the rest of the body feel comfortable.


Gluv Shoes Gluv Shoes Boat Shoe Boat Shoe
Osprey Aqua Shoes Osprey Aqua Shoes Crocs Crocs

Outdoor Adventure Shoes and Sport Shoes

Buying new hiking or sport shoes can be tough. Firstly, you need to know exactly what you will use the shoes for. Besides that, they should fit perfectly; otherwise you won’t be happy on an eight hour hiking tour or playing a game of football. While Rowley Skateboarding Shoes make your Skateboarder outfit perfect, Waterpro Ottawa shoes might be more suitable for an outdoor experience.

When you plan on buying hiking shoes for instance, you should check first what kind of hiker you are. Do you prefer a nice walk, a one-day hike or even a multiple-days hike? When you are new to hiking you should go for hiking boots that offer good support. If your hiking skills are more advanced, you might want to go for lighter hiking shoes.

When you purchase football boots, you have to keep in mind the position you play and the type of field you play on. There are three styles that accommodate the varying needs of the players by position. High-tops provide support for lateral movements, while mid-cut football shoes still allow enough maneuverability. Football shoes with a low cut are quite lightweight and good for players who need speed. You also have to be careful with the type of studs you go for – they can be either molded, metal-tipped or detachable. It really depends on the types of field you play on. Taking all these things into consideration, you should really think it through when you buy sport shoes.

Hi-Tec Fasthike Hi-Tec Fasthike Hiking Boots Keen Walking Boots
Adidas Firm Ground Football Adidas Firm Ground Football Rowley Skateboarding Shoe Rowley Skateboarding Shoe